Experienced in care,
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The Cresco team consists of experienced orthopedic surgeons and entrepreneurs with a long track-record in the medical industry. We are focused on improving spinal care.

Specifically, the dream is to establish a new standard for surgical treatment of pediatric spinal deformities based on dynamic implants. We strive to improve the treatment of children and adolescents with severe spinal deformities.

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The Cresco Team

Dennis Magermans


Chief Executive Officer

" As a parent I know that when your child suffers, you suffer too. To be able to use my experience and knowledge for patients suffering from early onset scoliosis is a beautiful thing to do. Especially when you can do this with a team of such quality. I am happy and proud to be part of Cresco. "

Chief Medical Officer // Co-Founder

René Castelein has treated, but also studied scoliosis for many years, providing new insights into its etiology, pathogenesis and three-dimensional morphology. He has received numerous grants and international awards and has been a lecturer on scoliosis at many universities and professional meetings. His ambition is to get dynamic spring distraction as the best option for growing children with scoliosis to the market.

René Castelein

Prof. dr.

Moyo Kruyt

Prof. dr.

Advisor, Clinical Principal Investigator // Co-Founder

Moyo Kruyt has a fundamental scientific background in regenerative medicine and methodology. As an orthopedic surgeon he specializes in scoliosis care and research. Focus of his research is on dynamic implants, an emerging technology that has the potential to finally cure scoliosis

Chief Marketing & Communication Officer

" Finding and creating improvements in treating orthopedic disorders have always been part of my medical career. Better, faster, and cost-effective are the pillars that supported this journey. Since 2005 I am dedicated to spine and recently committed to Cresco, as with their scientific based solutions one can really make the difference in tackling the medical challenges of (very young) scoliosis patients and their family."

Nancy Lamerigts


David Catsburg

Chief Financial Officer

" After the success story of start-up EIT, in which I was involved from the very beginning, it is an honor to be also part of the passionate Cresco team from the start. With this team and the Cresco products we strive to have a positive impact on the future of young people with scoliosis. "

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Our Partners


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Michiel Schwartz

CEO InSpine &

Advisory Board Member

Timo Koopmans

Fund Manager UHSF &

Advisory Board Member


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